• Sauska Alzäeus

    Legal Name: Gaäwsumia Säuska Alzäeus
    Age: Unknown
    Height: 5'11"
    Weight: 312lbs
    Hair: Red and Gold Eyes: Gold
    Occupation: Gäwazaii Ruler, Deity (Idam)
    Known Aliases: Sawuska, Sausga , Istar, Goddess of love(Hurrian) – ‘She who is armed’
    Martial Status: Married
    Known Affiliations: Gäwazaii Ruling Family
    Known Relatives: The Stimulator, King Odäne Alzäeus
    Strength Class: 5

    Super Human Abilities: Säuska possesses a number of super human abilities based of her highly evolved Gawzaii Physiology. She is virtually immortal, immune to disease and able to regenerate damaged and missing tissue.

    Special Skills: Säuska has mastered E, M, and G interactions to various effects. She has shown the ability to fly at the speed of sound, generate electrical fields, manipulate matter to a limited degree and form telepathic bonds allowing her to read minds.


    Weapons: Säuska wields two swords Twilight and Slither