• The Conflict

  • Dimensional Reality: Prime
    Occurence: 3.2B After Great Expansion
    Participants: Unknown
    Outcome: Little is known about the Conflict, which has been described as the only war in the long history of Prime. It is typically regarded as a civil war, the outcome of which leading to the accension of the Prime Intelligence as the primary authority in the dimension. see Oirey

  • The Insurrection

    Dimensional Reality: Gawazaii :
    Occurence: 4B A.G.E - 4.2B A.G.E
    Participants: King Unthar Alzäeus Imperial Forces V Odane Alzäeus led Uprising of the 9
    Outcome: Odane Alzäeus successfully leads a coupe by force against his father. Added by his fellow first generation immortals Odane was able to kill his father and claim the empire for his own.
    see Sauska Alzäeus , Andraste Kasia

  • World War I

  • Dimensional Reality: Idam
    Occurence: 13.2B After Great Expansion
    Participants: Gawazaii supported Central Powers and Vimana influenced Allied forces.
    Outcome: The end result was the end of the German, Russian, Ottoman, and Austro-Hungarian empires which were major strongholds for Gawazii influencers,

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